Flexible waterproofing systems


Years of experience are further expanded.

Odenwald is a specialist in the finishing of open-cell foams.

We offer a wide range of open-cell foam coatings under the product name O.C.-THAN.

These are permanently elastic foams made of polyurethane and coated on all sides.

We give an open-cell foam a water- and dirt-repellent property by means of the roughened surface.

Your advantages:

  • For sealing joints with uneven and high tolerance.
  • High air tightness
  • Water repellent surface
  • High compressibility to compensate for high tolerances
  • Characteristics of a flexible / open-cell gasket combined with the sealing effect of a closed-cell material
  • Production of individual contour and molded parts, as well as standardized strip dimensions

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