O.C.-FORM® is a permanently elastic, fine-pored PUR flexible foam with a uniform polyarcylate impregnation.

The material is not electrically conductive and is compatible with all metallic and non-metallic materials. O.C.-FORM is used as a viscoelastic gasket for heat and sound insulation, vibration damping, insulation against drafts, moisture and dust, as well as for sound insulation, sound absorption and structure-borne sound insulation.

Your benefits:

• Resistant to aging, rot, chemicals, heat, cold and moisture.
• Compressible with slow expansion
• Decoupling properties
• Acoustically effective properties
• High temperature resistance
• Meets a wide range of different fire protection standards

O.C.-FORM; O.C.-FORM “C”; O.C.-FORM 150 UL; O.C.-FORM Acoustic;