O.C.-ZELL is a closed-cell foam system characterized by high impermeability and resistance even to aggressive media. The values achieved in the compression set test make this material ideal for use as a permanently elastic seal.

O.C.-ZELL is used for sealing, insulation and decoupling and can be offered in the variants O.C.-ZELL and O.C.-SEMIZELL.

Your benefits:

  • Good tightness with low compression
  • Very good product-specific UV and ozone resistance
  • Partial fulfilment of requirements such as fogging, odor and emissions

Good resistance to solvents, brake fluid


O.C.-PE is used, among other things, for acoustic insulation, thermal insulation or as seals. The foam is also used for a variety of 3D moulded parts.

When used as a gasket, the closed-cell nature of polyethylene foams creates a high level of instant tightness even at low compression ratios and can be combined with a variety of adhesives in this form.

Three-dimensional moulded PE parts are often used as lightweight fillers, grommets, seals and more. As an air duct, O.C.-PE minimizes flow noise and reduces acoustic pollution from air conditioning equipment.  In this application, the material also has an insulating function.

Your benefits:

– No moisture or water absorption <0.6%.

– Very good resistance to solvents and other media.

– Very good thermal insulating properties

– Three-dimensional formability

– Weight savings due to low weight