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ODENWALD has been a reliable partner of the automotive industry for years. The company is not only a direct supplier of all German OEMs, but also a supplier for domestic and international system providers.

Having designed and developed tailored solutions for our clients over many years, ODENWALD is now one of the leading suppliers of acoustically and thermally efficient foam and fleece systems.

Construction Industry

ODENWALD’S products have been well-known in the construction sector for years. Our joint sealing tapes are reliable components for the sealing of spaces between door and window frames, masonry, in thermal insulation composite systems, façades, woodwork and roof insulation.

Another application area of our products is the sealing of below-ground walls for refurbishing old and new buildings. They save time and reduce costs.



ODENWALD is a supplier and development partner of foam and fleece systems for the most diverse applications and a longstanding partner of industry.

Our products are preferentially used for thermal and acoustic insulation and for decoupling and sealing against draught, humidity and dust.

Our broad material spectrum offers an application in the most diverse areas, like the railway industry, agricultural engineering, caravanning, medical engineering, heating/ ventilation/ air conditioning and many more...